The art of keeping a clean inbox

With most people having access to their emails from their smartphones, there’s a newfound tendency among the masses to hit refresh every five minutes; fire off emails at all times of the day and night; and respond to emails within a matter of minutes of receiving them.

First thing’s first – allocate time to learn about your email software and set up filters. Once you set up a filter, every email you receive will automatically get filed away into the different folders you’ve created.

When you receive an email, if it only requires a two-word reply or a 30-second response, answer it then and there. If it’s going to require a more considered response, send a quick email back letting the person know you’ve seen it and when you’ll be responding.

In today’s 24/7 world, it may seem easy to squeeze in emails while watching the kids play sport on Saturday – but make a habit of saying no. There will always be emails to answer and people who claim their messages are urgent or important. Drawing the line means you’re not only creating a better work/life balance, chances are you’ll be more productive when you actually need to get down to business.

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