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Stress less in the workplace

With the average employee clocking up 40 hours a week, what you do between the hours of 9am and 5pm can take a huge toll on your health, wellbeing and happiness. And let’s face it; a stressed-out, strung-out employee is less likely to be a productive one. Learning how to manage stress in the workplace is essential to living a healthy, happy and productive life – both personally and professionally. If you’re having trouble coping with workplace stressors, follow our simple stress-busting tips to arm you with the power to handle difficult situations in the workforce.

Mindset matters

The way you think about issues, people and situations is crucial to a positive mindset; perception is a powerful thing! Shifting a bad mood or negative mindset is often all it takes to go from being “in the zoo” to “in the zone”.

Balance and moderation

Follow the 80/20 rule and eat fresh, wholesome foods the majority of the time, saving a wee bit extra for life’s little pleasures (aka wine and chocolate!). A healthy, well-nourished body will function much better than one which exists on a diet of caffeine and fast food. Try not to skip meals if you’re stressed, and be mindful if you’re the type of person who turns to comfort food to cope with their emotions.

Don’t be a night owl

Make sure you get enough sleep to maintain a healthy immune system. Most people need seven to nine hours a night. If you’re having trouble winding down after a long day, make a conscious effort to de-plug from technology – that means no checking emails or Facebook – at least an hour before bed. Sleep researchers recommend reserving the bedroom as a space purely for sleeping; therefore it’s best to keep TVs and laptops in other areas of the house.

Sweat it out

After a busy day at work, the last thing most people feel like doing is busting their gut for an hour at the gym. But did you know it only takes 20 minutes of vigorous exercise, three times a week, to reduce stress, anxiety and depression? With the weather warming up, try to set your alarm early and get your exercise in before work – you’ll likely feel much more energetic and focussed if you make exercise a morning ritual.

Communication is key

With the pressure in jobs more acute than ever, it’s important to talk to your manager or HR department if you are worried about your workload. Rather than bottling it up and risk exploding, if you talk to someone you might find a way to reduce your workload or manage your time more effectively to cope with various demands.

Smell the roses

Just because you’ve had a stressful week at work, doesn’t mean you should turn into a hermit on the weekend, idly waiting for the dreaded Sunday afternoon blues to set in. Make an effort to do something fun on Friday nights – whether it be watching a movie or enjoying a nice dinner with the family – and lead an active weekend with ample room for relaxation. Maintaining a social life is fundamental to a healthy and happy life. And above all else, don’t forget to count your blessings!

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