Is salary negotiation a no-no?

You’ve landed the job of your dreams, but the take-home pay is less than impressive. Here we discuss if – and when – you should negotiate on salary.

According to the Institute of Careers CEO David Zanker, don’t barter on wages at your first interview.

“You have to wait until the company has invested in the process, and in you,” Mr Zanker says.

“A good time to enter these discussions is before you start the job, not while you’re still an applicant.”

Another clever way to broach these somewhat uncomfortable discussions, Mr Zanker says, is to take a strategic, forward-thinking approach.

“Employees could ask their new employer whether they’d consider a salary review in three months’ time, based on performance.

“That way you’ve opened up the doors for discussion without hitting them up straight off the bat.”

A final word of advice – if you’ve negotiated on salary, don’t expect to get any leeway in hitting your KPIs and targets.

“You’ll really need to impress your employer during your probationary period because you fought for your skills and experience to be reflected in your higher salary,” Mr Zanker says.

“If you don’t fulfil those expectations, you’ll lose credibility fast.”

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