How to get the job you want

Landing your dream job could be as easy as 1,2,3 – you just have to follow our simple three-step plan.

Step 1: Make a list of 10 organisations you want to work for. Remember to pick places that are close to home, or relatively easy to get to. The key is to choose organisations that you would genuinely love to work for. It’s not uncommon for employers to ask job candidates ‘how bad do you want it?’ By showing enthusiasm and passion, it will be a lot easier to convince the employer to hire you.

Step 2: Ring every organisation on your list and say you are writing a letter to the manager about potential positions within their organisation, and would like the manager’s full name. Then write a letter explaining why you have specific interest in working for their company. Don’t forget to outline how you have the ability to perform, and excel, in the role.

Step 3: Visit each business dressed in black pants and a smart shirt. Ask for the manager by name – you already know this from Step 2. Look the manager in the eye and explain why you have a specific interest in working for their company. Ask if you could possibly do a day’s work experience to prove you are more than capable of doing the job.

While the organisations you visit might not be hiring, you’ll still stand out from the pile of resumes when recruitment does occur because the employer knows who you are. Once you have done some work experience, you have your foot in the door and can leverage that into a job.

Case study:

A job-seeker named Paul had a career goal to work in the mines. Until he got his wish, he was applying for jobs in warehousing and would apply for at least five jobs a day – but to no avail. What was the problem?

Paul’s resume and cover letter literally said: “I’m looking for warehousing work while I pursue my goal to work in the mines.”

This is a big problem – any employer will look at the opening line, the most important line in any resume, and will immediately know the applicant doesn’t actually want to work for them.

After following our three-step strategy for building a career, Paul ended up finding a job in less than two weeks. Where was the job? In a warehouse, not the mines. Nevertheless, Paul is now a closer to building his career, and can now use the same strategy to pursue work in the mines.

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